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From:valentin_nils Date:September 22 2005 1:08am
Subject:Re: I forgot the admin password
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sorry if I sounded perhaps unfriendly. That was not against you.

Imagine that many people read the list (+20.000), some which read this
which might take your word for granted and just do as you told ;-).

I just wanted to clear that before it becomes practice. I understand that
in an Microsoft environment it is usual practice to reinstall software
when the original cause cant be find. Unfortunately that is poor practice.

If feasable, it is important to understand what the original cause is and
how to stop it, rather than fixing around it.

Reinstalling an

This time its perhaps not REAL data but when disaster strikes, often there
is not much time to "learn" how it should have been done - mostly that
means it is already to late. Its important to learn how to do it proberly
with test data BEFORE disaster strikes.

O.K I believe you got my points. Again, didnt mean to hurt anybody. Peace ;-)

Best regards

Nils Valentin
Tokyo / Japan

>>> > > Uninstall, reinstall.
>>> >
>>> > That will not work !! MySQL doesnt delete an existing database. No
>>> > offense, but you should have known better as professional.
>>> >
>>> > "--skip-grant-tables" is what the original user wanted to know.
>>> Well, given that the OP only said " I installed it a few weeks ago
>>> and now I want to start practicing ", it doesn't really matter...
>>> Just reinstall it and you're fresh to go, right?
>>NO! depending on how the Luis installed MySQL in the first place (which
> method was used), the "uninstaller" may not remove or >overwrite the
> mysql.user table rendering this exercise fruitless as well as being
> overkill. I understand you work with many >databases other than MySQL and
> for some of them the only way to recover from a lost admin password would
> be
> to >remove/replace/restore. However, in this case Valentin was correct.
> Right -- perhaps I should have mentioned: uninstall and delete everything
> :-)
> Done that a couple of times myself...
> I understand that Valentin is correct for the "normal" approach,
> especially
> when you have a running server and/or databases.
> I kinda figured, the fastest way (without having to search for an e-mail
> list), would be just to reinstall the thing. MySQL - on Windows - has a
> very nice install these days, kudos for that.
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies
> Database Workbench - tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle & MS SQL
> Server
> Upscene Productions
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