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From:Jeff McKeon Date:September 21 2005 1:11pm
Subject:RE: Timezone setting wrong?
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> Subject: Timezone setting wrong?
> I've got a RHEL3 server I just installed with mysql 4.0.16.
> The hardware clock and system clock are both set to UTC and 
> show the correct time.
> If I do a select Now(); from mysql it show's the correct time
> However,
> Unixtimestamp fields written to a table all are an hour off.  
> They're one hour ahead.  
> All the data on this system is replicated from a master.  The 
> master is set correctly, hwclock and sysclock at UTC.
> The same query:
> Select max(from_unixtime(timestamp_field)) from table;
> Run on both servers returns a result 1 hour ahead on the new slave.
> A show variables on the new slave returns
> *************************** 120. row ***************************
> Variable_name: timezone
>         Value: IST
> I'm sure I've missed something simple here but what?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

Ok, update, show variables on the master returns timezone of GMT, the
slave IST.  The master is on RH9 and the slave on RHEL3.
So on mysql 4.0.16 where do I force the timezone to be GMT?  

I've tried putting TZ = GMT and TZ = UTC into the my.cnf file but then
mysql won't even start.

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