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From:Jeff Date:September 16 2005 3:40pm
Subject:RE: Circular Replication
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> Subject: Re: Circular Replication
> In the last episode (Sep 16), Jeff said:
> > Does anyone use circular replication with MySQL 4.x?  For instance:
> > 
> >  A to B
> >  B to A
> > 
> > I know it's possible as long as you're carefull with your client 
> > applications and the way they write/update the db.  Just 
> wondering if 
> > anyone has had success or problems with this type of situation.
> Works just fine here.
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Am I correct in this setup process:

Server A exists
Server B to be built

Stop Server A, take snapshot, record Master info.
Start Server A

Setup server B, Install snapshot from A
Set B up as a master
Set B up as a slave to A

Set A up as a slave to B, no need for binlog file or position info as it
will start at the default 001 and pos 4

Circular replication is now running...

Did I mis anything?



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