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From:Ananda Kumar Date:September 16 2005 11:20am
Subject:Re: determing how loaded my mysql server is
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Hi James,
You can do this 
 show engine innodb status\G ---this will show how many 
insert/deletes/updates/reads happening per second and also how much of 
Buffer is being used and how many queries are currently running and how many 
are in queue.
 show processlist---This will give the list of SQL 's currently running on 
the server
 Also if you using Unix/Linux box, use the top command, this will give u an 
general idea where exactly the resource are being heavly used.

 On 9/16/05, James Black <jblack@stripped> wrote: 
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> We have a production server that may be getting overworked, but I don't
> know.
> When I look at 'mysqladmin status' it consistently shows 107.#
> queries/sec on average. That seems a bit high, it should be less, I
> imagine, since the Id number in the processlist seems to increment by
> perhaps 5-10/second.
> Is there a way to monitor the server, without putting too much of a load
> on the mysql server, to see what is going on?
> Thanx.
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