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From:Alec.Cawley Date:September 15 2005 9:53am
Subject:Re: Myisam or innodb
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Scott Haneda <lists@stripped> wrote on 15/09/2005 10:31:48:

> I have moved my data from mysql 3 to 4, across various updates, over the
> past few years. I use phpmyadmin generally, and it defaults to making 
> myisam.
> I can not seem to find a really clear answer as to why I want to use one
> over the other.  Generally, I use myisam and change it only when I need 
> do a rollback or something like that.
> Since I seem to be able to toggle from myisam to innodb without any 
> affects, why would one chose one over the other?
> Is there a way to prevent the use of myisam if it is old and slowly 
> deprecated?  I am a host and do not control the table structure of 
> databases.

Innodb does not yet support FullText.
While I believe that there are circumstances in which InnodDB is faster, I 
think that many applications will find MyIsam faster.\\
I don't thing InnoDB supports Load Data From Master, making adding a 
replication slave harder.

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