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From:Davey Date:March 14 1999 4:44am
Subject:Re: mod_auth_mysql
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I'm also having a hard time getting this module to install.  I'm running
Solaris 2.6 with Apache 1.3.4 on a Sun Sparc server.  Regardless of the
links that I do in the libraries I cannot get it to install properly.
Perhaps it's just that I don't understand the Apache library links, but I
would appreciate any help in this matter.  Can anyone help define the
library links necessary to install this properly or help me to understand
hoe the following libraries are defined in association with the installation
of this module?


Any help that anyone can give would be great.


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From: Mike McLagan <mmclagan@stripped>
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Date: Saturday, March 13, 1999 12:59 AM
Subject: mod_auth_mysql

>   I am having a problem getting mod_auth_mysql compiled.  I sent the
author an
>email and it was not replied to.
>   After messing with the make file and determining the commands that I
>actually needed to execute to get it to compile and build the program, I
>that the web server refuses to load it.  It complains that '__ucmpdi2' is
>unresolved symbol.
>   I'm using RH 5.1, gcc, MySQL 3.22.19a and mod_auth_mysql 2.20.
>   If anybody has a good idea about what to do with this, I'd appreciate
>   Mike was here...
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