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From:Rich Date:September 7 2005 8:36pm
Subject:Locking Methods
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Hi there.

I started a different thread on this, but then I realized I might not have
to use InnoDB for this.

Let me explain what I wish to achieve.

I want to create records in an established table.  I then want them locked
(either by locking the whole table or by individual record) so that they
cannot be updated or deleted.

That's it.  

I am concerned that locking a table won't allow me to add new records.  I
also need the records fully viewable.

Which table format should I choose, and how do I implement this?  I've
reviewed some of the alternatives, and they got all confusing to me.
15.11.3 InnoDB and Transaction Isolation Level indicates that READ COMMITTED
is what I should be looking for, but it refers to an index that I'm unaware
of, as nothing is indexed.

Any leadership appreciated.


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