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From:kalle volkov Date:April 15 1999 9:31am
Subject:Re: Wading straight in...
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select email, id, name from table group by email;

... should do it... if u have duplicate email's then it takes first
record with the email and shows id and name from this record...



Paul Lawton wrote:
> Hi there, My name's Paul, I've just joined the list and I'm gonna be rude and
> jump straight in with a question!
> I'm trying to extract the distinct emails from a table with about 30 fields in
> it. The following:
> select distinct(email) from table;
> is fine. But when I want the associated fields as well e.g. id,name etc
> select distinct(email),id,name from table;
> I get too many records as it seems to be doing a distinct on the id as well.
> I have solved the problem using 2 nested statements in PHP but I was wondering
> if there
> was a more elegant way of doing it in one select statement.
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