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From:John Trammell Date:September 6 2005 3:58pm
Subject:RE: Newbie needs info!
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The DuBois book is a good start: 

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> Subject: Newbie needs info!
> Hi everyone,
> Long time reader, first time poster.
> I've been using MySQL for some years now and never really did any 
> advance stuff in it.  I mainly do updates, deletes, and selects.  My 
> selects aren't even that complex as I don't have a very good 
> understanding of the join syntax and exactly what it does.  I was 
> wondering a few things.  First of all what is a good book for 
> beginners/intermediate level people?  I'd really like to learn more 
> complex query structure and how to optimize a database as a whole as 
> well as individual tables in the database (example what's the 
> difference between a primary key and just a regular key in a 
> table?).  
> I'm also looking for something that can explain stored procedures and 
> why they are useful (I really don't have any clue about stored 
> procedures) as well as transactions, replication, and master/slave 
> databases.  Finally, I'd like to figure out the difference 
> between each 
> table type (MyISM and InnoDB etc).
> Thanks for any help or advice!
> jay
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