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From:Dave Date:September 6 2005 5:42am
Subject:How concerned should I be about Collation?
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MySQL General List,

    Server specifications:
    MySQL 4.1.3-beta, phpMyAdmin 2.5.7-pl1, PHP 4.3.8
    My specifications:
    MySQL beginner, PHP intermediate, HTML and CSS advanced.

    The situation:
    I have a database of users for my web site, in which all the text 
data that is inserted and obtained from MySQL via PHP is in UTF-8 
encoding. My web host helped me install MySQL 4.1 and phpMyAdmin 2.5.7 
because, from what I can see, they are a little more user friendly in 
how they let a user view and manipulate UTF-8 text.

    I had a number of tables with user data that I created myself, and I 
was sure to specify that for each, the "Collation" was in "utf_general_ci".
    Recently, I decided to add a forum for my users, using the PHP based 
"Simple Machines Forum" available here:

    This added a bunch of new tables, in which the "Collation" was the 
default setting of "latin1_swedish_ci".

    My next step is to take the user data I already have collected, and 
merge it with the new forum users table, so that my existing users can 
start use of the forum without having to re-enter all their information.

    The Questions:
    Before I start merging tables, I want to ensure that the whole 
database is consistent in it's use of character sets. This means I want 
to convert all the new tables to use "utf_general_ci" for collation, 
storage, and any other charset related setting.
    What MySQL command can I use to globally convert all the tables and 
field collation settings in the database to "utf_general_ci"?
    Are there other charset related settings that I should be concerned 
about? If so, how would I configure them to keep the database consistent.
    What I've done so far:
    I did a bit of research on what collation is by going to this web site:
    But further searching via Google did not turn up any instructions 
for specific commands to make the changes I am looking for.

    Any assistance is much appreciated. Thank you.

How concerned should I be about Collation?Dave6 Sep
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