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From:M DR Date:August 26 2005 1:28pm
Subject:AES_DECRYPT output
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I'm currently using AES Encryption to encrypt some of my data (using it in a 
ASP.NET application). As this is all text strings, I was wondering if there 
is a possibility to automatically have the output in the ASP.NET String 
format instead of the system.byte[] format, so I won't have to format every 
item out of the database.

For example a query like:

SELECT AES_DECRYPT(Fieldname, '123') FROM Tablename ORDER BY Field_ID

returns the system.byte[] format, while I'd like to see the String format as 
output. Is this possible?

Btw, the strange thing is, when I don't include a ORDER BY (or GROUP BY) 
function, it already returns a String format. Any idea how this is possible?



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