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From:Dan Burke Date:August 25 2005 8:45pm
Subject:RE: Trigger exception handling
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Thank you for your response.  I understand that stored procedures and
triggers are very much new to MySQL.  In fact, this has been an eagerly
awaited feature by my management as a means to remove our dependence on
that budget eater (Oracle) (and myself for personal projects).  I was
hoping that I just wasn't finding the right place in the documentation,
or that someone else had already encountered this requirement in MySQL


I will take that as confirmation that what we need is not (yet?) in
MySQL.  With that in mind, I can see if I'm able to come up with a
workaround or if I need to shelve these particular lines of code
(comment them out in the MySQL version for now), and revisit it with
each beta release.


On a side note, what they've done so far is great!  This is something,
even in it's current functionality, that I see scores of use for.  For
hopefully obvious reasons, I don't use Oracle for personal projects, so
triggers are a feature I've longed for in MySQL.





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To: Burke, Dan
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Subject: RE: Trigger exception handling


> insert into accounts (ACCOUNT_NUM) values ('123 456');
> ... insert should fail in this instance, irrespective of any other
> constraints like not-null/unique fields, etc.

No, what you want to do isn't "rare", it's "new" to MySQL.  Stored
procedures and triggers are both new to MySQL 5.0 and may not be mature
enough to do what you are asking of them, yet. It took several point
updates to the beta code for triggers to even be able to work with other
tables. As was mentioned before, there is not yet a "raise error"
equivalent in the procedural SQL of MySQL. This, too, is new for 5.0. 

I look at it this way, you are one of the pioneering users in this area.
What you discover and work out will benefit the rest of us and will
demonstrate to the developers just how much they have left to do to make
triggers a mature and useful feature. 

Best Wishes, 

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine 


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