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From:Leigh Date:August 25 2005 6:00am
Subject:Re: user defined exceptions
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Gleb Paharenko wrote:
> Hello.
> There was a question about exceptions recently. The answer might be
> helpful:
> Leigh <ktulu@stripped> wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I'm currently working on porting a database form Informix 9.2 to MySQL 5
>>in order to determine the suitability of MySQL for our application.  At
>>the moment, I'm stuck with one of our stored procs that contains the
>>following lines:
>>-- If duplicates are detected, raise an error
>>IF count > 1 THEN
>>    RAISE EXCEPTION -746, 0, 'Duplicate mapping: code "' || p_code ||
>>'", cust "' || p_cust_code || '"';
>>Under Informix, this IF statement raises a user defined JDBC Exception
>>(the code "-746" is for user defined errors).  Is there any way of doing
>>a similar thing in MySQL?
>>If you need any more information, I'm happy to provide it. Thanks in


Thanks for that bit of info.  This may be a stupid question, but how 
exactly does setting the variable @err help me with my current 
situation?  Will this allow me to generate a JDBC Exception or is it 
something I'll need to change in the code to check if an error code has 
been set?  Thanks again!

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