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From:Michael Monashev Date:August 23 2005 6:22pm
Subject:Re: Backing Up Database and All Tables
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See some of this:

MySQL Snap 2.1
Backup Watcher for MySQL 1.8.3
MySQL Dump Timer 1.2.4
MySQLBackup v4.3
MySQL Auto Backup 1.40

SP> I am running mysql  4.0.15 on a Win2000 operating system. I
SP> would like to be able to back up the system with a perl script. I
SP> have a mix of InnoDB and MyISAM table types. Upon investigating
SP> this, I found this web site, with an article about backing up
SP> mysql databases:


SP> It looks like there is something called a InnoDB Hot Backup
SP> that is a perl script. Is this something that Mysql offers, or is
SP> it something one needs to purchase.

SP> My database is rather small, and I basically want to pull 2
SP> backups a day, in case I have any hardware failures.

SP> If someone could help advise me on this topic, I would appeciate it.


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