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From:Terry Riley Date:August 19 2005 3:26pm
Subject:Flushing logs on replication setup
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I'm running 4.1.13 on Linux as master, with 4.1.12 on XP as slave (in 
house test setup).

This vaguely duplicates what is set up on the live servers, except that 
the slave is 4.1.3 on NT4.

On the test setup, if the logs are flushed on the master, the bin log is 
rotated to the next number, after closing (and preserving) the old one. On 
the slave, the change to the master bin-log is duly recognised in the 
slave status output.

If I issue 'flush logs' on the slave, however, the old 
[servername]-relay-bin.0000nn file is closed, the n+1 is opened, and the 
original is deleted completely.

My only reason for wishing to rotate logs this way is to prevent files 
getting too large to handle effectively in the event of needing to 
reinstate (either the master or the slave). However, the way that log 
flush on the slave seems to work implies that a backup of it should be 
taken before flushing, or you won't ever see that logged data again.

Is this the way it is meant to be? I don't want to institute any log 
rotation policy on the slave of the live setup if this happens.....

Terry Riley

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