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From:Martijn van den Burg Date:August 19 2005 1:56pm
Subject:RE: Phantom UDP traffic kills performance
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. 

> MySQL itself doesn't generate UDP traffic (the protocol runs 
> over TCP/IP). However, MySQL relies on DNS unless you've specified
> - --skip-name-resolve when you started the server. DNS 
> travels over UDP.

I did not specify --skip-name-resolve.

> You also mention you're using a NetAPP. NFS (unless you tell 
> it to run over TCP/IP) also uses UDP. If you didn't upgrade 
> MySQL, and only the filer and the filesystem, I would start 
> looking at _that_. 

I am suspecting NetApp, but I fail to understand in which way I should
upgrade MySQL. I mean: we were already running it with the data /on/
NetApp, it was merely a NetApp patch that was applied.

> If you can rule out the NetAPP filesystem 
> generating more UDP traffic, then look for DNS issues. Did 
> your "OS boys" look at the destination for these packets 
> (port # and host), as that would tell you a _lot_ about why 
> they're being sent.

I guess that would include the IP address of the DNS server. I'll see if
that brings me any further.



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Phantom UDP traffic kills performanceMartijn van den Burg19 Aug
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