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From:Dan Burke Date:August 18 2005 2:26pm
Subject:Trigger exception handling
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I've been looking into converting our existing Oracle PL/SQL code to mysql.  A lot of the
syntax is pretty straight forward, and really doesn't require much change from what I've
been testing with thus far.  However, I'm trying to handle exceptions, and I cannot seem
to find any documentation that shows me what I'm looking for.

In oracle, we have bits of code like this:

        IF INSTR(:new.ACCOUNT_NUM, ' ') > 0 THEN
                RAISE AcctNumHasSpace;
        END IF;

and then

                WHEN AcctNumHasSpace THEN
                        RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20001, 'Cannot insert space into

But I cannot seem to figure out how to replicate that behavior.  Is it something that's
possible to do as of yet?  Or not really?  Basically in this situation, we want the insert
to fail if there is a space in that field.

Any advice would be great.


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