>How do i go about saving data to multiple tables from
>one entry form or should this happen automatically

If the model is that a user can have radios which in turn can have events, you need a userid column in users and radios, and a radioid column in radios and events. You need to read a bit about relational design (eg To add a user, a radio and an event, save the user info, get the user id from that insert, save the radio info, get back the radioid from that insert, then save the event info. To add a radio, retrieve the userid from the user's input and offer the user a blank radio form. And so on.



Peter Nikolic wrote:
Hi folks 

I have several small data bases running on mysql 4.1.13 no problem brought a 
book read it yes well 

i have a data base consisting of 3 tables  , radios , users , events

radios contains 4 fields   csgn , setid , sernum cmmnts. this is populated and 
is more a lookup table for the radio info 

then there is events this contains 5 fields    evnt , eloc , edate , 
cllct_date  , rtn_date 

and lastly  users  this contains 6 fields     sur_nme , fr_name , ph_w , 
ph_h , ph_m , addrss

Using knoda (part of kde) i have created an form that looks all very nice (to 
me )  the selection of the radio works  enters the right info into the form 
i can enter users data  and event data but when i try to save the data and 
insert a new row i am unable to  my question is 

How do i go about saving data to multiple tables from one entry form or should 
this happen automatically  

The book i purchased "Beggining SQL" i did not find any help at all  i could 
not find anything on mysql in my local store or a bit further out 

any help pointers much appreaceted 

Thanks Pete .