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From:Peter Nikolic Date:August 16 2005 8:28am
Subject:now i am getting confused (i could not think of a better title)
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Hi folks 

I have several small data bases running on mysql 4.1.13 no problem brought a 
book read it yes well 

i have a data base consisting of 3 tables  , radios , users , events

radios contains 4 fields   csgn , setid , sernum cmmnts. this is populated and 
is more a lookup table for the radio info 

then there is events this contains 5 fields    evnt , eloc , edate , 
cllct_date  , rtn_date 

and lastly  users  this contains 6 fields     sur_nme , fr_name , ph_w , 
ph_h , ph_m , addrss

Using knoda (part of kde) i have created an form that looks all very nice (to 
me )  the selection of the radio works  enters the right info into the form 
i can enter users data  and event data but when i try to save the data and 
insert a new row i am unable to  my question is 

How do i go about saving data to multiple tables from one entry form or should 
this happen automatically  

The book i purchased "Beggining SQL" i did not find any help at all  i could 
not find anything on mysql in my local store or a bit further out 

any help pointers much appreaceted 

Thanks Pete .
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now i am getting confused (i could not think of a better title)Peter Nikolic16 Aug
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