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From:Scott Gifford Date:August 15 2005 8:21pm
Subject:Re: Native XML Support
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Scott Klarenbach <doyouunderstand@stripped> writes:

> Does MySQL 5 provide native XML support?  ie, can I have a stored
> procedure return an XML string instead of a recordset?  Can I pass in
> an XML string/doc and have the DB update relational tables based on
> it?

MyXML is supposed to help with this sort of thing:

though I haven't used it.

As far as I know, MySQL doesn't support XML as a native datatype, and
doesn't support indexing XML documents directly; you have to treat
them as BLOBs or TEXT fields, and extract and index the various fields

Probably what you want to do is implement this at the application
layer: convert an XML document into one or more SQL queries, and
convert SQL rows into XML documents.  The other option is using a
database other than MySQL which has native XML support.


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