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From:David (SST - Adelaide) Logan Date:August 15 2005 12:07pm
Subject:RE: cannot drop database
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Hi Gary,

If you are running unix (or variants thereof), you can go to the data directory and remove
it at the operating system level if the mysql client can't do it. Not sure about windows
though but I would think the same thing would apply.

If you do that and then do a show databases, it should be gone.


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From: Gary Huntress [mailto:ghuntress@stripped] 
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Subject: cannot drop database

I need to drop a database named 
ÃáãÃáà using the mysql
client.  I'm 
getting "you have an error in your sql syntax" for the command

DROP database ÃáãÃáÃ;

I'm sure this is a character set issue.  How can I drop this database?


Gary H.

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