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From:Bruce Dembecki Date:August 14 2005 4:45am
Subject:Re: Character Set Question
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Need more information... what exactly is "Our older version", and  
what exactly is "the newest version of MySql", without this it's hard  
to know what issues you may be facing... I imagine you are on 4.0.n  
for the old and 4.1.n for the new... but we can't really tell from  
the information you gave us.

When you run mysqldump you get an output file with everything in  
it... I suggest running mysqldump --tab=/var/tmp/somedirectory which  
will create a series of files in the location you specify, with  
a .sql file for each table with the create table command, and a .txt  
file for each table with the data in tab delimited format. This gives  
you an easy way to edit the create table statements to make sure each  
table has the character set information you really want in it before  
you import the data. Then you can do the import using cat *sql |  
mysql database to create the tables, and run mysqlimport against  
the .txt files to insert the data. Using this process you can more  
precisely manage your tables so they have the right character set for  
each column... you can do it by editing your regular mysqldump output  
file, but it's a big file and this way is just easier... it's also  
quicker to do the import this way.

Be sure to dump the old database using the old mysqldump, that way if  
there was no character set information it won't put something in  
there by mistake (the new mysqldump could insert something of it's  
choosing if there is nothing defined)... be sure to use the new mysql  
client and mysqlimport to insert the data into the new version,   
making sure to use an appropriate --default-character-set setting  
each time you call it.

Best Regards, Bruce

On Aug 12, 2005, at 4:24 AM, James Sherwood wrote:

> Hello,
> We have installed the newest version of MySql and cannot get it to  
> play nice
> with French characters.  Our older version worked fine.  The  
> problem may (or
> may not) be that when we put the dump into the new database(yes its  
> default
> charset is Utf8) the default character set for the table is Utf8  
> but some
> fields are like this:
> 'Story' longtext character set latin1 NOT NULL
> We tried linking our tomcat to the old database on the other server  
> through
> this tomcat and everything works fine but when we link the tomcat  
> back to
> the new database, it will not play nice with french characters.  
> (they come
> out as outlined squares etc)
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
> James
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