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From: douglass_davis Date:August 12 2005 8:27pm
Subject:spatial extensions - SRID
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To the powers that be: Can we get a MySql GIS/spatial list??   This is 
going to be a very popular area (actually it is already).

I am trying to use the Spatial extensions to MySql.  To be honest 
PostGIS has many more features, but MySql is my favorite, and on top of 
that, the applications I am using only work with MySql.

My problem is this.  From the manual, all Geometry contains:

Its SRID, or Spatial Reference Identifier. This value identifies the 
geometry's associated Spatial Reference System that describes the 
coordinate space in which the geometry object is defined.

In MySQL, the SRID value is just an integer associated with the geometry 
value. All calculations are done assuming Euclidean (planar) geometry.

This is a big issue.  Will this be the same in version 5?  Or will the 
SRIDs actually be used?   I would like to just represent everything in 
lat/lon, not on a planar surface.   Now, if the SRIDs are used in MySql 
5, where is the list of acceptable values? 

Also, to developers on the list: perhaps it would be better if these 
were text values like  'NAD83'??


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