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From:Mark Leith Date:August 12 2005 9:50am
Subject:RE: GRANT EXECUTE in MySQL 4.1
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> Subject: GRANT EXECUTE in MySQL 4.1
> Hi there,
> For some reason, GRANT EXECUTE is possible on the global 
> level, but not on the database level:
> "Incorrect usage of DB GRANT and GLOBAL PRIVILEGES"
> Has anyone got any idea what EXECUTE should do on a global 
> level in MySQL 4.1?
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies
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EXECUTE is specifically for stored procedures.. Whilst the privilege is
available in >= 4.0.2, it has no effect at all until 5.0.something. This is
all documented in the "Privileges provided by MySQL" manual page I believe..

EXECUTE on a GLOBAL level would, of course, allow the grantee to call any
stored procedure.



Mark Leith
Cool-Tools UK Limited 

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