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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 15 1999 1:36am
Subject:Wrong bytesec?
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>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Miller <jaymiller@stripped> writes:

Jay> Could someone tell me what "Wrong bytesec" means?  I am working on a
Jay> "Difficult repair" of a corruped table.  When I run 'isamchk -o' I get
Jay> several of the following sorts of messages:

Jay> Wrong bytesec:  50- 49- 54 at  157976034; Skipped
Jay> Wrong bytesec:  54- 56- 49 at  157973127; Skipped

Jay> I can't find anywhere what this means or what I should do about it.  When
Jay> isamchk is done I check again and it says my table is still corrupted.  I'm
Jay> currently trying a second pass with 'isamchk -o' ('isamchk -r' fails with
Jay> message "isamchk: error: 9 when closing ISAM-table").

Jay> Thanks,
Jay> Jay Miller
Jay> SOCKET Internet Services
Jay> Columbia, MO, US


The above means that some link in the ISAM file has been overwritten.
isamchk (when run with -r or -ro) should be able to fix this.

If not, you can always ftp the table to so that we can check why isamchk
doesn't work.

Which MySQL version are you using?  If you are using a very old one,
you should upgrade your isamchk from an newer MySQL distribution and
try again (there has been very few errors with isamchk, but it
shouldn't hurt to upgrade isamchk and try again)

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