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From:Dr kamadjeu raoul Date:August 3 2005 2:27am
Subject:Re: MySQL vs XML
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May be you should consider building an ontology with your data base. This links will
provides ideas to explore this avenue:

David Blomstrom <david_blomstrom@stripped> wrote:
I've been gathering data for an animal kingdom
database for quite some time and am now trying to
figure out how to organize and display it. So far, I
have a table that lists every order, suborder, family,
subfamily, genus and species of mammal in a
child-parent relationship, like this:

Carnivora | Mammalia
Canidae | Carnivora
Canis | Canidae
lupus (the wolf) | Canis

I also broke that table into separate tables listing
only orders, families, genera, species, etc., which I
can then display via joins. I haven't yet figured out
which methid is going to work best.

I think I'd like to make a content management system,
possibly modeled after Wikipedia, though I'm also
looking at the Tree of Life website at

They use a recursive array technique called Edge
Representation, which is discussed about halfway down
this page:

Another possible guide is the Animal Diversity Web -
- which uses something called Mousetrap and TaxonDB.

This is all new and very confusing to me. Making
things even more confusing, I read that XML can be
used in lieu of databases, and at least one reference
seems to suggest that it's the superior choice. So,
before I get in any deeper, I'd like to ask about the
differences between XML and MySQL. What are the pros
and cons, and which would be better for an animal
kingdom database? Or could I use both at the same

I'm new to XML, too, but it looks like it might not be
too complex. But it's hard to envision how this all
fits together.


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