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From:Darrell Shifflett Date:April 15 1999 1:32am
Subject:Re: I like it, but can I be bothered trying to compile the latest version?
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Well, 3.22.21 is well documented and a few things have changed. Just a
suggestion. Works for me.

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On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Martin Searancke wrote:

> Ive just installed mySQL V3.21.16a on SGI 5.3, and am very impressed with
> how easy its all been to setup and get working, however I would suggest that
> the section on modifying the access privilege system be given far higher
> priority in the documentation. (The most time consuming thing in the whole
> setup was trying to find this)
> Anyway, thats not the reason for my message. I installed the old version
> because I couldn't get the latest version to compile on 5.3 of IRIX and now
> that I have played with the old version I want to know if its worth the
> effort to try and get the latest version compiled. At this stage about the
> only thing I want that V3.21.16a does not seem to support is stored
> procedures. I dont know, what are your comments, I dont want to spend half a
> day getting it running if there are no benefits to me.
> Martin
> P.S. Thanks Ed Carp for the help with myODBC, removing that line "MFC" =...
> fixed the problem.
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I like it, but can I be bothered trying to compile the latest version?Martin Searancke15 Apr
  • Re: I like it, but can I be bothered trying to compile the latest version?Darrell Shifflett15 Apr