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From:Daniel Date:August 1 2005 10:12pm
Subject:RE: Complete server lock
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MySQL and DNS can be such a fun issue because it comes
suddenly and leaves just as suddenly with --skip-name-resolve.

For in-depth info on how MySQL uses DNS, and info about
this potential DNS-related bug:


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Subject: Re: Complete server lock

JamesDR wrote:
> I noticed, on my Linux server, that MySQL makes a DNS lookup anyway.
> Even if the IP is used or not. It normally digs on the PTR record. I
> all of my perms IP based, however, it still looked at the PTR record.
> the time I hadn't set any up in my DNS server. After I added all the
> records of the clients that were connecting to the server, it was fast

> again.
> ...Something to think about...

James, I think you've found the problem.  For the benefit of us novices,

what is the PTR record?  After which I can add this to my /etc/hosts, 
which should help.

If there is anybody who knows how to build a DNS clean MySQL, I would be

very interested in knowing.


Ben Clewett.

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