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From:Sid Lane Date:July 29 2005 2:59pm
Subject:Re: Migration from ORACLE 9i to MySQL
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from a purely religous logical architecture viewpoint it is better to
keep the business rules as close to the persistence layer (ex. RDBMS)
as possible.  in the practical physical/business world it is severly
hyperlinearly expensive (both hardware as well as Oracle licenses) to
support that model.

put another way:  Oracle is an insanely expensive application server
but my wife's in sales there so as long as people keep writing those
seven figure checks I'm not going to complain too much...  :-)

personally, I've been very impressed w/MySQL so far.  we use it to run
several sections of our site that run tens of millions of queries per
day.  MySQL replication has also been orders of magnitude more stable
than AQ ever was.  we have been replicating about 16GB/day across 12
nodes for months without the slightest hiccup.

just don't ask me to do SQL/Server!  when an RDBMS is responsible for
the biggest DOS in the history of the internet that should tell you
something...  there, if we're going to flame let's at least pick a
target we cal all agree on...  :)

> It all depends on the application it's used for.
> MySQL 5 is a very nice release - once stable, of course - but in some
> regards,
> it has a long way to go.
> No doubt, many Oracle applications can be converted to MySQL, but this
> is because those applications don't use Oracle well enough :)
> IMO, duplicating something that can, could and should be done on the server
> in client code is a step backwards. In earlier days, the "foreign key
> constraints"
> like described in the MySQL documentation was a shining example of ignorance
> on the part of the documentation writers. Luckily, InnoDB has foreign key
> constraints.
> But there are plenty of other applications that cannot be converted to
> MySQL,
> no doubt, some run fine and dandy... We use MySQL here in the office as
> well,
> but use InterBase and Firebird for others...
> The right tool for the job makes the whole difference.
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies
> Database Workbench - tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle & MS SQL
> Server
> Upscene Productions
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