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From:<avrombay Date:July 28 2005 6:12pm
Subject:Re: migrate Access to MySQL
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I've used the exportSQL script
( to dump tables
out of Access into a file that can be imported by mySQL. Since a lot of my
work is porting Access apps to web apps, it comes in very handy.

I've also written a really simple VB script that copies the records directly
from Access to mySQL via ODBC.  It uses DoCmd.TransferDatabase, if you'd
like to write your own.

I'd be happy to share it.

--  Brett

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Subject: migrate Access to MySQL


I've been looking around for a while.  Seems there are many options and
tools that can help do it.  Guidance and directions are highly welcome.

We need to move the contents of a bunch of tables from Access to the
existing tables on MySQL.  The target tables in MySQL already have some
information.  So we need some how to map Access fields to MySQL fields.

Anybody would like to share experience about how you did your migration
and what kind of tool can best meet needs as such?

Thanks much in advance,


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