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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 15 1999 2:26pm
Subject:Duplicate entry error
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>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Seidel <alexander.seidel@stripped>
> writes:

Alexander> hi all,

Alexander> I am using mysql 3.22.27 with  DEC Unix 4.0e.
Alexander> I have a very big table with > 146695804 records and the data table size
Alexander> is 4.69GB.
Alexander> The table has no unique keys or autoincrement fields.
Alexander> The create definition is:

Alexander> CREATE TABLE consensusmatche(
Alexander> accnr char(10) NOT NULL,
Alexander> consensus_id int unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '255',
Alexander> pos int unsigned  NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
Alexander> strand char(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '*',
Alexander> core_simil float(6,4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '-1.0',
Alexander> region_simil float(6,4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '-1.0',
Alexander> ci_score float(6,4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '-1.0',
Alexander> INDEX accnr_i(accnr,consensus_id))

Alexander> when i now insert a new record with
Alexander> INSERT INTO consensusmatche VALUES
Alexander> ('AL114464','2',98,'+','0.7620','0.8080','2.4242');
Alexander> i get the message
Alexander> Duplicate entry 'AL114464-2' for key 1

Alexander> and the table file gets corrupt
Alexander> isamchk says then:

Alexander>     Data records: 146703628   Deleted blocks:    2489
Alexander>     - check file-size
Alexander>     - check delete-chain
Alexander>     isamchk: error: Record at pos: 825314369 is not remove-marked
Alexander>     isamchk: error: delete-link-chain corrupted

Alexander> what can i do?


If you need tables > 4G, the only real option is to start using MySQL


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