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From:Canfield Date:April 14 1999 11:50pm
Subject:Re: MySQL and LDAP
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I just got to wondering about this today... I assume you mean to implement
MySQL as a replacement for the dbm backend of OpenLDAP?  That would be
wonderful!  Sadly, I have no C programming skills, but I'm certainly
interested in the project, and would be willing to help write docs or help
in the planning process.

I was briefly concerned because LDAP books suggest that LDAP
implementations are highly optimized for primarily-read operations so they
are usually faster than general purpose databases.  But then I realized
that even if MySQL is a tad slower this can easily be remedied by using
the MySQL-based server as the master and running a bunch of "native" LDAP
replica servers...  I'm assuming that people's primary interest in
this would be for serving data stored in MySQL to LDAP clients.  Or is
there an even better use that I'm missing?

Anyway, what's the next step to get the ball rolling on this?



I just wondered if anyone has tried to implemented MySQL as a backend
for LDAP?

If not, are there anyone that would be interested in helping us with


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