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From:Les Schaffer Date:July 20 2005 4:06pm
Subject:copying rows from one MySQL server to another
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I am working on a MySQL application where laptops will be collecting 
data into local MySQL tables, and then once a week they will be 
network-connected to a central server where they will "check in" their 
new data and "check out" new assignments for data collection.

given a set of rows in a set of tables on the laptop, is there any nifty 
way of grabbing their data and inserting/updating these rows into the 
server database, other than to do a SELECT on the local connection and 
then turn around and create an INSERT or UPDATE SQL command on the 
remote connection with the same data to push data onto server? same for 

due to the nature of the application, laptops will be working on only a 
fraction of the total records on the server, so i can not simply copy 
the tables on server onto laptop, nor can i copy tables from laptop onto 
server, since other laptops will be checking in data too into the same 


les schaffer
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