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From:Lev Shamardin Date:July 20 2005 7:56am
Subject:mysql server does not close tables
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Hi all,

We have a Mysql 4.0.24 running on FreeBSD 4.11

Yesterday server started to refuse new connections, while the
established connections did function properly. I discovered that the
problems start when the number of open tables reaches 20, the
table_cache size is 64. I also discovered that the server does not
close the tables automatically, e.g. if you open two windows and start
mysql -u root in both, then run "SHOW OPEN TABLES" in one window, it
will display 0 open tables. Then you run "USE <database>" in the
second window, and SHOW OPEN TABLES in the first will display 8 open
tables. But when you exit from mysql client in the second window, the
SHOW OPEN TABLES in the first one still shows 8 open tables, and this
number grows after each reconnect to any of the databases on the

We have several databases with small tables (~1000 rows) which are
SELECTed and UPDATED every 10 seconds, and one big table (~1000000
rows) into which the records are INSERTed several times an hour. The
number of concurrent connections is rather small - usually no more
then 2-3 connections.

What can be wrong and how can we fix the problem?
mysql server does not close tablesLev Shamardin20 Jul
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