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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:July 18 2005 3:49pm
Subject:Re: Views in 5.0.1
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Hi Ben, all!

Ben Clewett wrote ((re-ordered into posting sequence)):

> Joerg Bruehe wrote:
>> Hi Ben!
>> Ben Clewett wrote:
>>> [[...]]
>>> Approximately when will 5.0.1 be available as stable release?
>> 5.0.1 will never change, it is out (and obsolete by now).
>> [[...]]
> I am trying to work out how stable 5.0.x is.  Related to why MySQL 
> advise people to wait for the 'release' status.

5.0.9-beta (the current published version) still has some bugs which a 
"production release" should not have, and we also want to give the 5.0 
release series still more test coverage.

> You say 5.0.1 is old and obsolete.  Yet is not at release stage yet. 
> This is curious.

5.0.1 was the first "alpha" version of the 5.0 release series. It became 
obsolete when 5.0.2-alpha was published, 2004-Dec-02.

> Will 5.0.1 be changed before release?  For example:  Will large errors 
> (eg, server crash) be retrospectively fixed in 5.0.1 if found in this 
> release?

Errors have been fixed (and will still be fixed), but with new version 
numbers. Any version number is associated with a certain source code, 
published as a "tar.gz" file.
Whenever anything is changed, be it security fix or feature, the 
published result is a new code version which gets a new version number.

> The way I thought of it was:  New features would demand a new release. 

Major new features will enter into a new release series. Depending on 
the feature complexity, they must be completed when that series is in 
the "alpha" or "beta" stage.

> Critical bug fixes would be made in *all* live versions.  Otherwise why 
> have multiple versions at different stages?

Correct if by "version" you mean the release series, like 4.0, 4.1, or 
5.0. But within that series, the new version gets a higher number like 
4.0.25 or 4.1.13. If not yet recommended for production purposes, it 
gets the label also, like 5.0.9-beta.

For more details, check

> But if no changes are going to occur, why is it not 'release' now?
> Sorry for my confusion,

I hope I got it solved.


Joerg Bruehe, Senior Production Engineer
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