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From:Edwin Cruz Date:July 18 2005 5:28pm
Subject:RE: Different versions differnet results
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Is because 7 is the size of the record, and 4 is the size of the "decimals"

Decimal(7,4) can allocate only 999.9999

If you want to allocate 1468 then you must declare as decimal(8,4) to 4
"decimals" and 4 "integers" in version 5 is the same as oracle

The first parameter is the total number size(including decimals) and the
second how many elements will use from the number size...

Do I explain correctly???

To allocate: 10000.0000 the row must be: decimal(9,4)

PD, and I don't know why in version 5 changed this feature
Best Regrads!!

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From: shantanu oak [mailto:shantanu.oak@stripped] 
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Subject: Different versions differnet results

I am getting two different results for the same set of commands on two
different versions of MySQL.
Can anyone explain what the issue is?

CREATE TABLE `testdecimal` (
`rate` decimal(7,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000'

INSERT INTO testdecimal SET rate=1468;

select * from testdecimal;

version 4.1.12

version 5.0

Shantanu Oak

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