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From:Gary Richardson Date:July 18 2005 2:37pm
Subject:Re: Separate disk for logs, DRBD ...
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Make sure your disks are all redundant -- get two of each and mirror
them. You'll thank yourself when a drive dies.

If the database server has any uptime requirements, I recommend going
hotswap for everything -- you'll thank yourself again when you can
swap the drive out during core business hours instead of coming in at
2:00AM to do it..

On 7/17/05, Sinang, Danny <D.Sinang@stripped> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Am planning on making MySQL write its data files to disk1 and log files
> to disk2.
> My questions are :
> 1. I know I can put the connections, slow, query, and InnoDB logs on
> disk2.
>     Is it also possible (and advisable) to put the binary logs with them
> ?
> 2. If disk2 is slower than disk1 ( like when disk1 is 15k RPM while
> disk2 is 10k RPM ), will it slow down any data-related operations ?
> 3. I'm thinking of using DRBD to replicate changes on one MySQL Master
> server to another box. Does anyone here have a similar setup ?
>     I plan on buying 2 identical servers with 3 disk each - 1 for the
> OS, the other for Data, and the last one for Logs.
>     If the Logs disk crashes, will MySQL be able to write logs to the
> Logs disk on the 2nd server via DRBD ?
> Regards,
> Danny
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