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From:Ben Clewett Date:July 18 2005 1:35pm
Subject:Re: Views in 5.0.1
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I am trying to work out how stable 5.0.x is.  Related to why MySQL 
advise people to wait for the 'release' status.

You say 5.0.1 is old and obsolete.  Yet is not at release stage yet. 
This is curious.

Will 5.0.1 be changed before release?  For example:  Will large errors 
(eg, server crash) be retrospectively fixed in 5.0.1 if found in this 

The way I thought of it was:  New features would demand a new release. 
Critical bug fixes would be made in *all* live versions.  Otherwise why 
have multiple versions at different stages?

But if no changes are going to occur, why is it not 'release' now?

Sorry for my confusion,

Ben Clewett

Joerg Bruehe wrote:
> Hi Ben!
> Ben Clewett wrote:
>> [[...]]
>> Approximately when will 5.0.1 be available as stable release?
> 5.0.1 will never change, it is out (and obsolete by now).
> You probably refer to the 5.0 family of releases, of which 5.0.9-beta 
> was published last week.
> The 5.0 releases have to pass the "beta" and later "release candidate" 
> stages before being declared "stable". Please see my reply to this list 
> on July 14, titled "Re: MySQL 5.0.x", for a longer explanation.
>> If we upgraded to 5.0.1 now, is this stable for all the features in
>> 4.1.9?  So could we safely move now?
> Again: I hope _nobody_ will install 5.0.1 now, but rather the newest 
> available version of 5.0, which currently is 5.0.9.
> 5.0.9 is labeled "beta", according to MySQL's criteria.
> This labeling is for the whole version only, not divided into "old" and 
> "new" features. As a new feature can (in general) not be added without 
> touching existing (= "old") code, such a distinction would not make sense.
> (True, the likelihood of bugs in the "old" code is lower than in the 
> "new" code, but this still does not make it as safe as current 4.1 
> versions like 4.1.12.)
> Of course, MySQL AB welcomes everybody installing current 5.0 versions, 
> testing them, and reporting about the results.
> Regards,
> Joerg

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