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From:Richard Reina Date:April 14 1999 11:12pm
Subject:OK, I admit it. I'm clueless.
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I am trying to port a DBMS application from Foxpro2.5 for DOS to linux.
Everything I've read says MySQL is the best but I'm not sure where I go
from here. I'm confident I can recreate the databases (tables) in MySQL
but I have no idea how I will recreate the end user screens, reports,
and write the programs that will manipulate them.  In foxpro2.5 these
functions are all self contained.  First, do I have to learn C, C++,
Pearl, PHP or all of the above?  If so, can some recommend some books. 
Second,  the user interface does not have to be pretty, just easy for
the end user to use -- no immediate need to connect it to the web.  Do
all user interfaces use the X windows system -- the X windows use up
quite a bit of ram, I would like to avoid this -- and if they do, are
they stable?

I'm sorry to ask such basic questions, but if some one can tell me what
I need to know I will go learn it and do my best not to bother anyone,
and most importantly I'll be able to avoid going to MS Windows.


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