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From:Daniel Gardner Date:April 14 1999 10:15pm
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I'm thinking about using mysql for a project where the data has to be *very*
secure. I've been prototyping the app using mysql on a Sun E6500 and the
security seems quite good.

I have read the section in the manual on making mysql as secure as
possible - and all of these techniques make sense and have worked.

The problem is I need the data to be really really hard. Using the
suggestions in the manual, and a couple of other ways, it gets pretty hard
to get at the data (especially if you don't know the contents of
mysql.user). The major problem I can see is root. I'm in an environment
where it is possible that I might have to disclose the root password -
especially if mysqld stays on the e6500. I can get another box, but it still
might be disclosed. Root can kill the server and start it again without
grant tables.

There is only one critical field in the db, so I think I need some sort of
encryption on this field. The mysql manual mentions a couple of different
encryption functions, but has no comment on how "good" they are. It would be
nice to know what algorithms these encryption functions are based on, or if
there are any plans to support really hard encryption. (perhaps I need one
of those 5000 Euro licences ;-) )

The application (when it's finished) will use a webserver, probably apache,
on another box again. There also might be Windows 95 clients connecting
using ODBC. I'm a bit worried about the security issues of transferring the
data unprotected across our network. It is very unlikely that anyone will
use any packet monitoring tools at this application, but because our
business relies on this data being kept very secure I *have* to be overly

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make communication between the
server and client as hard as possible. Switching on Compressed protocol
doesn't sound quite good enough for me. Again, are there any plans to add
very hard encryption to the mysql client and server communication?

So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make mysql ultra-secure in an
insecure environment?


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