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From:Hannes Rohde Date:July 7 2005 7:12am
Subject:Locks on Heap tables
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Hello everyone,

	We are using MySQL as the database backend on quite a big portal
page with about 50.000 users and 3 mio. PIs per day. MySQL is as well the
backend for the (php) session management. We are using a heap for that case
as well as for instance phpbb does. 
Lately we are experiencing long lasting table locks due to deletes or
updates on the session table. I know that heap tables only support table
wide locking, but shouldn't those locks be gone quite fast? I have already
checked the obvious reasons for this kind of behaviour like swapping but I
couldn't find anything. Even googling didn't bring anything useful up.
Hopefully someone got some ideas to solve this problem :-)

Thank you in advance
Hannes Rohde

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