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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 5 2005 12:06am
Subject:Re: GRANT and mysql.user table
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At 16:57 -0700 7/4/05, l'eau@stripped wrote:
>I tried as root having GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES with GRANT OPTION
>to change the privilege of a user:
>GRANT ALL ON mydb.*  TO myUser;
>The result of this statement is that the query is OK and 0 rows are affected.
>WHen I look at the mysql table holding the grants: user, the myUser 
>row is unchanged.

You assigned database-level privileges, which are recorded in mysql.db,
not mysql.user.

>What could possibly be preventing the system from changing the GRANT 
>of myUser?
>Is the mysql.db table part of the granting?


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