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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 13 1999 11:31am
Subject:Re: shut down mysql server
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>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Chanco <dougchanco@stripped> writes:

Doug> On a windows machine ..... you do not have the option to not shut down the
Doug> machine..... if you don't windows will eventually do it for you with a
Doug> GPF...... (after a day or 2)

Doug> but seriously how about a maquee screen save thats says....don't forget to
Doug> shut down MySQL or run MySQL in a DOS
Doug> window (and keep the window OPEN) .... when you go to shut down you will get
Doug> the message "windows cannot automatically down this DOS window without
Doug> losing data.... (or some such message).  That should help you
Doug> you will have to click ok in the message box that comes
Doug> up.  My best solution though is to get a linux box.... never needs to be
Doug> shut down..... mine has been up 47 days (and counting).....


The easy way to fix this is to run MySQL with the --flush option.  In
this case it should be safe to take down windows even without shutting 
done mysqld first.

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