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From:Hank Date:July 4 2005 4:01am
Subject:Re: looking for a pure startup opportunity..
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> i've read way too many articles about the 3 kids/guys/etc... who managed to
> get $10 million in funding for esentially a basic idea, but they had/have
> traffic/eyeballs!!!

Welcome to 1999.  Blind reliance on "Traffic and Eyeballs"  as a
business plan was what (in part) caused the great runups in valuations
that preceded the Internet crash.

What counts, and what draws the venture capital is a well thought out
business plan based on traditional and well proven business models
(i.e. selling stuff with a healthy margin, offering in-demand
services, etc).

And even if you could get 10 million in funding, you think you and
your partner get to walk away with 5 million each?  That's not how it
works.  They invest that money into the COMPANY, and expect YOU to
turn 10 million into at least 50 million.  They also OWN YOU during
that time - it's no cakewalk - just ask any VC funded startup what
they think of having VC investors.  Getting funding is only the first
step in a very long road to eventually selling out, IF you're able to
grow the company 5x or more.

> so, if you're looking at your shrinking retirement going to iraq

That statement makes no sense whatsoever.

> but with the right combination of web development skills
> (perl/php/c/apache/linux/mysql/html/css) we can do some damage. there are
> numerous opportunities for the right 3-5 person team!

For a serious business, it takes alot more than just raw development
skills... like marketing, sales, management, finance, etc.   I've read
too many stories of smart guys who created amazing cutting-edge
technology (i.e. Apple), only to lose it all because they had no idea
how to correctly market or sell it.

Anyway, this has little to do with mysql (,query).
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