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From:SGreen Date:July 1 2005 2:36pm
Subject:Re: Compatibility with ActiveState Perl 5.8.4+?
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"Siegfried Heintze" <siegfried@stripped> wrote on 06/30/2005 10:29:48 

> Approximately a half year ago I started to install bugzilla on windows 
> uses mysql and perl.
> After much grief, I discovered that there was a problem with windows 
> and the latest version of mysql at the time. I finally solved the 
problem by
> rolling back to 4.0.23.
> It looks like there are some nice features in 4.1 but they won't work 
> me, unless someone has fixed the perl DBI interface.
> Has anyone tried the newer versions with perl DBI on windows? How does 
> work, for example?
> I'm reluctant to try it out myself because I have applications using 
> and I would not want to break them by installing v5.
> Thanks,
> Siegfried

The problem with using the older PERL library with a MySQL server 4.1+ 
isn't in the communications interface, it's with the authentication. You 
can still use older clients (using the smaller and weaker password hashes) 
with the newer MySQL databases just fine. You have 3 options to make them 

A) Upgrade your PERL library (which you said you cannot do yet)
B) Tell the server to ALWAYS use the older password hashes. You do this 
with the --old-password option
C) Manually recreate the password hash for the older client's `user` 
account by UPDATE-ing the `mysql`.`user` table using the OLD_PASSWORD() 
function. Don't forget to FLUSH PRIVILEGES after any manual manipulation 
of the tables in the `mysql` database so that your changes will be 
recognized by the server.

These methods are described in more detail here:

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine
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