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From:bruce Date:June 28 2005 1:51am
Subject:looking for a pure startup opportunity..
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i'm out here in california, the bay area, and was wondering if anyone on the
list is interested in either being partners, forming a sweat equity startup?
or if anyone has an idea/concept, and you're looking for people to be part
of your team...

i've read way too many articles about the 3 kids/guys/etc... who managed to
get $10 million in funding for esentially a basic idea, but they had/have

yeah, i recognize that the 'best' dream would be to have a wealthy
benefactor, but that's not going to happen for the vast majority of
people/ideas! i'm of the firm opinion that the right group, willing to
sweat/work together, can build a pretty good business. this approach
requires the parties to work on it part-time, until it generates revenues,
and sustains itself.

so, if you're looking at your shrinking retirement going to iraq, and you
want something more out of life, let's talk!!

but with the right combination of web development skills
(perl/php/c/apache/linux/mysql/html/css) we can do some damage. there are
numerous opportunities for the right 3-5 person team!



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