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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 13 1999 1:15am
Subject:c API technical question
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>>>>> "John" == John Jacques <johnjac@stripped> writes:

John> Hello, I've found that my CGI application stops at 8204 rows. For
John> example I do a simple select and pull rows 1-90,000. On the web page I
John> show the number (1-90,000) then the field I pulled.

John> 1 name1
John> 2 name2
John> 3 name3
John> etc....... really simple

John> Now everything after the 8204th line is the exact same field results as
John> the 8204.

John> 8204 name8204
John> 8205 name8204
John> 8206 name8204
John> 8207 name8204
John> 8208 name8204
John> 8209 name8204
John> etc.......

John> Is there some kind of limit or is the connection being closed between my
John> cgi-app and mysql? What would cause this kind of problem? Is the mysql
John> buffer that pulls the results being filled, so there is no way to get
John> anymore information if it exceeds this size?

John> Just trying to figure out where to start looking for the
John> problem/solution.
John> Thanks.


At least in the MYSQL C API there is no such limit.


PS: Sorry for the long delay before replying, but I just come back from
    a 2 weeks vacation trip.
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