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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 13 1999 1:05am
Subject:DBUG: Test Signal (crash)
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>>>>> "Anil" == Anil Hemrajani <anil@stripped> writes:

Anil> My MySQL crashes with the following message:
Anil> Test signal

Anil> The title of the dialog box is "DBUG".

Anil> I'm running this version:
Anil> Ver 9.13 Distrib 3.21.29a-gamma, for Win95 (i586)


This may happen if one gets some fatal error in MySQL.

Please read the manual section: 'What to do if mysqld keeps crashing'
of how to find out what causes this and how to go around it.
(Note that it's extremely likely that this bug doesn't exist in the
registered MySQL version)

DBUG: Test Signal (crash)Anil Hemrajani24 Oct
  • DBUG: Test Signal (crash)Michael Widenius13 Nov