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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 13 1999 8:38am
Subject:Corrupt frm!
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>>>>> "Cliff" == Cliff Rowley <dozprompt@stripped> writes:

Cliff> Greetings,
Cliff> I wonder if you could help me.

Cliff> I've been working on a project here using PHP, PHPLIB and MySQL, and I've
Cliff> had an accident.

Cliff> Basically, my UPS is being looked at with the intention of being repaired,
Cliff> and I had a power out.  My system has survived, luckily, but apparently one
Cliff> of my frm files has not.

Cliff> It took me a couple of hours to enter the test data contained in this
Cliff> particular database, and I'd rather not lose it if I dont have to.  I
Cliff> created the database today, and it missed my automatic backup by 1 hour.
Cliff> *sigh* had it have caught that, I would have it backed up.

Cliff> Basically, this is the error that mysqladmin is giving me when trying to
Cliff> access the database in question:

Cliff> Warning: Unable to save MySQL query result in
Cliff> /usr/local/share/apache/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/db_details.php3 on line 14

Cliff> I know for a fact that there are tables in that database, with a fair amount
Cliff> of test data, but alas, mysqladmin reports:

Cliff> No tables found in database

Cliff> *sigh*

Cliff> This is what happens if I try to access the database from my project (which,
Cliff> incidentally worked just great until the power out etc):

Cliff> Database error: Invalid SQL: select val from active_sessions where sid =
Cliff> '8b264edbb0367b4e0b0d429ead1f6d17' and name = 'sess'
Cliff> MySQL Error: 1017 (Can't find file: './cvsdb/active_sessions.frm' (errno:
Cliff> 13))
Cliff> Session halted.

Cliff> Cant find the file?  Rubbish:

Note that:

(/my/monty/sql) perror 13
Permission denied

This just means that the mysqld process don't have the right to read
the file.  Just use 'chmod' and change the owner of the file and
everything should be ok.


PS: Sorry for the long delay before replying, but I just come back from
    a 2 weeks vacation trip.
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