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From:William G.J. Halfond Date:June 20 2005 8:07pm
Subject:lexer for query strings
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I'm not sure if this question is more appropriate for general discussion 
or the internals list.

I want to create a tokenizer/lexer for MySQL's dialect of SQL to use in 
a JAVA application.  I thought I could do this by creating a JAVA 
wrapper on the lexer code for MySQL.  I looked through the source and 
found the yacc file and the sql_lex file, but was wondering why I 
couldn't find the original lex file?  I had hoped to use this to 
generate the lexer code for my application.

Any guidance on this issue is appreciated.  -GJ
lexer for query stringsWilliam G.J. Halfond20 Jun
  • Re: lexer for query stringsDan Nelson20 Jun